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Transforming Inventory Operations with Seamless ERP Integration.

AGR is a B2B SaaS company serving wholesale, retail & manufacturing companies with advanced solutions for demand forecasting, inventory management, and replenishment.


As a Kick ICT partner, AGR closes a critical ERP gap in demand forecasting, inventory management, and replenishment.

For 25 years, AGR has helped customers lower working capital, improve service levels, automate work, and drive a more dynamic supply chain. In 2022, AGR started offering a SaaS product suite along with the bespoke product configuration that integrate with customers’ ERP systems. (AGR Essentials) (AGR Plus). AGR is also a certified Microsoft Business Central partner and ERP agnostic.

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Smarter Inventory Management with Seamless ERP Integration

AGR is a complete SaaS inventory management, demand forecasting, and order automation system. Quick to integrate with any ERP, Essential's helps you maximise your time, capital, resources and opportunities throughout your supply chain.


Key features

Inventory Optimisation

Advanced data visualisation and reporting keep your team focussed on your most critical items and customers. Dual ABC analysis lets you categorise your items by importance according to industry standard metrics. Exception flags show you exactly which items and orders need your immediate attention and which are running smoothly. Adding additional lead times allows you to capture shipping fluctuations.

Demand Planning and Forecasting 

Advanced forecasting and machine learning turns your past sales into accurate demand forecasts. These feed into the powerful sales and purchase planning areas to give you a complete overview of your future inventory needs. Customised reports let you share your future sales purchasing plans with key vendors and customers, leading to decreased waste and unpredictability in your supply chain. Exact planning minimises the risk of stockouts and overstocks, keeping your inventory lean and your service levels high.

Order Automation 

AGR automatically creates order proposals based on forecasted demand paired with a plan or schedule. Orders can easily be constrained to meet vendor minimum order quantities and/or shipping requirements. Review and confirm the order proposals simply and efficiently to ensure accurate orders. Create orders directly from standard or customised reports to keep your processes efficient.


AGR strengthens your S&OP process through shared dashboard, plans, and reports. Create a rolling sales or purchase plan to let internal and external stakeholders know your business needs. Sharing reports on stock lifecycle helps you better plan for phasing in and out stock across your organisation. Plan and implement promotions across marketing, sales, and inventory management. Quickly see your performance on key industry KPIs in the PowerBI dashboard.

Why Kick for Microsoft Dynamics?

From solution design to support, we deploy over 300 years of combined experience from our 30+ strong team of Dynamics experts.

With multiple accreditations including Microsoft Solutions Partner status, we continually invest in the product education of our team to ensure our customers remain at the forefront of the Dynamics and Power Platform revolution.


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Whether you are ready to start scoping or just want to discover more about Kick ICT, our experts are at hand to help.