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Azure Server Management Services

Streamlined, secure, and scalable server management for all environments.

Azure server management services provide a unified and consistent experience for managing servers at scale, encompassing both Linux and Windows operating systems. 

These services are versatile, supporting production, development, and test environments, and are designed to manage Azure IaaS virtual machines, physical servers, and virtual machines hosted on-premises or in other hosting environments. 

By leveraging Azure server management services, you can achieve a streamlined, secure, and efficient server management experience that scales with your needs and ensures robust performance across all environments.

Key Benefits of Azure Server Management Services

Native Integration with Azure

Built into Azure Resource Manager: Azure server management services are seamlessly integrated with Azure Resource Manager, ensuring a smooth and consistent experience. These services are continuously enhanced with new features and capabilities to meet evolving needs.

Hybrid Management Capabilities 

Comprehensive Coverage: Azure server management services extend beyond Azure IaaS virtual machines to include physical and virtual servers hosted on-premises or in other hosting environments, providing a unified management approach across hybrid environments. 

Support for Multiple Operating Systems

Consistent Management for Windows and Linux: Whether you are managing Windows or Linux machines, Azure server management services provide a consistent and streamlined management experience across both operating systems.

Enhanced Security

Robust Security Measures: Microsoft invests heavily in all forms of security to protect the Azure infrastructure and extend these protections to customer resources, regardless of their location. This includes advanced threat protection, compliance features, and continuous security updates.


Better Together: Windows Server and Azure

Enhanced Windows Server Capabilities: By combining Windows Server with Microsoft Azure cloud management capabilities, you can maximize your Windows Server investments. This integration allows you to leverage Azure's robust management tools to enhance the performance and security of your Windows Server environments.


Why Use Azure Server Management Services?

Azure server management services are designed to simplify and enhance the management of servers across diverse environments. Here are the key reasons to choose Azure server management services: 

Native Integration:

Built into Azure, these services offer a seamless and continuously improving management experience.

Consistent Management:

Provides a unified management experience for both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Hybrid Capabilities:

Extends management capabilities to on-premises and other hosting environments, not just Azure IaaS virtual machines.

Robust Security:

Leverages Microsoft's substantial security investments to protect your resources effectively.

Enhanced Windows Server Integration:

Maximises the value of Windows Server investments through integrated Azure management capabilities.

Three Stages of Onboarding the Azure Server Management Suite

Azure's server management suite provides an actionable and prescriptive plan for deploying server management services in your environment. The guidance is divided into three stages to help you quickly orient yourself and start managing servers efficiently, regardless of the size of your environment.

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