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Microsoft Teams Phone

Microsoft Teams Phone elevates your business communication to the next level as a comprehensive cloud-based service. Seamlessly integrating with your Microsoft 365 subscription, it acts as a vital component in transitioning to a contemporary workspace, especially for those embracing remote or hybrid work models. It offers a secure and efficient platform for employees, bringing together calls, chat, meetings, and Microsoft 365 applications in one straightforward and efficient tool.

Empower your Microsoft Teams Phone with Gamma's voice solutions brought to you by Kick. Our partnership ensures you gain access to essential phone system features like voicemail, speed dial, music on hold, presence indicators, and call forwarding, to name a few. Manage your calls effortlessly through the Teams Admin Centre, where you can organise call queues, set up auto attendants, manage resource accounts, and much more. Enhance your system with additional functionalities such as call recording and contact centre solutions. Tailor your Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) connectivity with options like Operator Connect, Direct Routing, or Microsoft Teams Calling Plans, mixing and matching to find the perfect fit for your business needs.

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Why choose Microsoft Teams Phone?


Employees can make and receive calls directly from the Teams app (computer and mobile device), which improves collaboration and makes it easier for team members to stay connected, regardless of their location.


Feel confident that your most sensitive communications are secure with end-to-end encryption and industry compliance.


Reduce complexity and training by managing your phone system from an admin console deeply integrated into Microsoft 365 services.  

Take a call anywhere

You can transfer calls from your desktop to your mobile device with ease when you are on the move. 

Cost savings

Businesses can reduce or eliminate the need for a separate phone system, which can result in significant cost savings.


Businesses can easily scale up or down their phone capabilities as needed, without having to make significant investment in new hardware or software. 

What do you need to get started with Microsoft Teams Phone?

Microsoft 365 or Office 365 license, including Teams.

Microsoft Phone System add-on (included in E5 license).

An internet connection. 


We're here to help

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