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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Delivering Cove's direct-to-cloud backup and disaster recovery solution to protect and recover your business data.

At Kick, we bring you Cove’s seamless and efficient solution for safeguarding your critical business data. With Cove's appliance-free, direct-to-cloud backup, your servers, workstations, applications, and databases are protected against threats like ransomware.

Cove’s intuitive, web-based dashboard simplifies your backup management, allowing you to focus on what matters most. With comprehensive disaster recovery options and automated recovery testing, Cove ensures your data is always secure and recoverable. Discover how Cove, delivered by Kick, can help your business stay resilient and prepared for any data loss scenario.

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Kick offers an advanced Disaster Recovery (DR) solution designed to strengthen your business against unforeseen IT disasters. Leveraging the robust capabilities of Azure and the efficiency of Cove for backup, our solution ensures that your digital assets are secure, recoverable and consistently operational, aligning with our mission to enhance your business operations through strategic technology solutions.

Safely Back Up Everything
Cove offers an appliance-free, direct-to-cloud backup solution for virtual and physical servers, workstations, applications, and databases. With cloud storage included in your price, your data is securely stored in worldwide private cloud with 30 data centres, ensuring data remains in your region.

Protect Against Ransomware
Cove’s efficient, direct-to-cloud architecture stores your backups off the local network by default, making them out of reach for ransomware attacks.

Enjoy Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Simplicity
Delivered as a service, Cove handles all updates, patching, and maintenance for the entire backup solution, allowing you to focus on more important tasks. Spend less time managing backups with Cove’s intuitive, unified, multi-tenant management console that even junior staff can handle.

Keep Five Times More Restore Points
With Cove’s TrueDelta efficiency, you can keep five times more restore points using the same amount of storage as traditional image backups.

Optional Local Storage
While Cove is cloud-first, it doesn't mean cloud-only. Use a network share or your own hardware to keep an optional local copy of backups for recovery at Wide Area Network (WAN) speed.

Cloud Storage Included
Avoid the extra cost of third-party cloud storage providers. Cove helps you keep data in your region, with worldwide data centres and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption for backups both in transit and at rest.

Disaster Recovery

Today, disaster recovery planning is crucial for any business, especially those operating either partially or entirely in the cloud. Disasters that interrupt service and cause data loss can happen anytime without warning - your network could have an outage or a critical bug could get released. Organisations with robust and well-tested disaster recovery strategies can minimise the impact of disruptions, achieve faster recovery times, and resume core operations rapidly when things go awry.

Restore It Where You Want It
Cove offers flexible recovery of your data to the location of your choice, whether locally or in Microsoft Azure.

Respond with Bare-Metal or Virtual Recovery
Whether you need to recover a full device to a virtual machine or new hardware, Cove provides the flexibility to choose.

Meet Stringent Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs)
Cove supports demanding recovery point objectives by performing automated backups as often as every 15 minutes, minimising data loss.

Get a Head Start on Recovery
With Standby Image and bare-metal recovery options, Cove ensures you're always a step ahead. Proactively set up a standby image and automatically send every backup to it, reducing your recovery time when it matters most.

Save Time with Automated Recovery Testing
For a low monthly fee, Cove will automatically test your backups and provide reports that validate recoverability, ensuring confidence in your disaster recovery plan.

Fast File-Level Restore
No need to restore a full image just to recover one folder or a few files. Cove’s granular, appliance-free recovery allows you to quickly restore files and folders, making routine restore tasks easily manageable by customers or help desk personnel.

Common Questions

Backup and disaster recovery solutions are strategies and technologies used to protect, replicate, and recover critical data and systems after data loss events, system failures, or disasters, ensuring business continuity and minimising downtime.

The difference between a backup solution and a disaster recovery solution is a matter of overall best practice maintenance versus critical business continuity. Here are some key differences:

Backup Solution

  • Copies and stores data.
  • Restores individual files or systems.
  • Focuses on data recovery.

Disaster Recovery Solution

  • Develops comprehensive plans for resuming business operations.
  • Restores critical systems and data after catastrophic events.
  • Ensures minimal downtime and operational continuity.

Examples of disaster recovery include:

Emergency Communication Systems – Ensuring teams can communicate during a crisis.

Data Centre Replication – Copying data to a secondary location for swift restoration.

Cloud-Based Recovery – Utilising cloud services for backup and quick recovery of systems and data.

Failover Systems – Automatically switching to a redundant or standby system upon failure of the primary system.

Regularly Scheduled Drills – Conducting practice runs to ensure the disaster recovery plan works as expected.


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Whether you are ready to start scoping or just want to discover more about Kick ICT, our experts are at hand to help.