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Subscription Billing

Effortless and efficient repeat billing solution for Business Central.

Do you generate tens, hundreds, or even thousands of invoices on a regular basis? Are you operating an efficient, automated billing and collection process? Are your invoices accurate and paid on time?


The world has moved to periodic billing, placing huge demand on your finance team. Without an automated solution you’ll experience lost productivity as your team processes invoices manually, have frustrated customers who are billed inaccurately, with pressure on income from late payment.

Our Dynamics 365 Business Central Extension is developed specifically to provide customers with an effortless and efficient billing process, simplifying and automating your subscription billing requirements from one-off ad hoc invoices to repeat invoices across any recurring period.

Customers will be happier with clearer, on-time invoices and you’ll be far more efficient with a solution that manages hundreds, even thousands of invoices at a time. Your employees will benefit too, working with a simple, intuitive application that will support them to become more productive and to focus on more valuable tasks.

Simplify how you manage one off, repeat and ad hoc invoicing with subscription billing, our bespoke solution trusted by thousands of Dynamics NAV and Business Central users.

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Kick Subscription Billing explained

What to expect from Subscription Billing

Improve Productivity

With streamlined and efficient processing across your invoice process.

Happier Customers

Improved customer service with clearer and on time invoices.

Automated Invoicing

Generate tens, hundreds or thousands of invoices with this automated, efficient application.

Multiple Sectors

Benefits hundreds of sectors including housing, telecoms and energy sectors, amongst many more.

Business Central Ready

Designed to integrate seamlessly with Business Central.

Simple to Use

Simple and intuitive interface requiring minimal user training.

Exceptional Invoice Management

Better manage the invoicing element of your subscription billing process with automated recurring invoices, multiple invoice filtering options, efficient, automated large volume invoice generation and improved overall customer experience with clearer and on-time invoices.

Multiple Sector Deployment

Subscription billing is available to deploy in virtually any sector, including rental collection, maintenance and service contracts, license billing, telecoms billing, fixed fee regular invoicing, energy billing and lease payments.


Why Kick for Microsoft Dynamics?

We’re at the forefront of the Dynamics 365 evolution, delivering over 200 related projects in the past 12 months alone.

With over 300 years combined experience delivering transformational Microsoft solutions and accreditations including Microsoft Gold and Silver and Jet Elite Partner status, you can trust in our expertise - we’re here to help.


We're here to help

Whether you are ready to start scoping or just want to discover more about Kick ICT, our experts are at hand to help.