NAV Anywhere

Mobile Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

NAV Anywhere is a suite of powerful, easy-to-use mobility solutions, fully integrated with Dynamics NAV.

Working on virtually any device, these flexible solutions are easily tailored to your specific needs.

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Increase Productivity with Access to NAV Anywhere & Anytime 

NAV Anywhere offers mobile solutions for Sales, Services and Logistics - giving you access to Dynamics NAV anywhere, anytime and from virtually any device with a browser, including tablets, rugged mobile terminals and smartphones.

Secure solutions to support your key business processes can be built and deployed quickly and easily. A flexible solution, it adapts easily to your specific needs.

  • Completely integrated with Dynamics NAV
  • Runs on nearly any device with a modern browser
  • Easy to support as based on Microsoft technology
  • Tailor to your specific needs with a range of settings
  • Quickly modify existing solutions
  • Easily create your own custom solutions
  • Flow driven solution with minimal steps to complete
  • Users need no ERP knowledge

NAV Anywhere - Sales, Services & Logistics Mobile Solutions

NAV Anywhere - Sales

A mobile app designed for field sales professionals that comes with a process portfolio of common sales activities.

With NAV Anywhere – Sales, your sales staff can access up-to-date customer account and order details in Dynamics NAV, using their preferred mobile devices. 

And full integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, means managers centrally control and direct sales activities based on reliable, real-time data.

  • Streamlines administrative sales tasks
  • Reduces your back-office workload
  • App is easy to learn and use
  • Operates with minimal effort
  • Deploys quickly

NAV Anywhere - Services

A mobile app that provides optimal support for your field service engineers.

By replacing paper forms with modern mobile devices, engineers can easily look up service orders allocated to them.

And as soon as tasks are complete, they can access the app to record working hours, travel time and materials used on their service order.

Updated service orders are automatically forwarded to the service desk for prompt invoicing.

  • Replaces inefficient processes & paper forms
  • Records service data quickly & accurately
  • Scans consumed items easily
  • Reduces service delivery lead times
  • Accelerates revenue generation

NAV Anywhere - Logistics

A mobile app that supports most of your warehouse processes.

Your warehouse staff can increase accuracy, speed and consistency with mobile access to a software tool that lets them enter, update and view information.

Because NAV Anywhere – Logistics integrates fully with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can control and direct logistics processes based on real-time information.

  • Makes real-time logistics data clearly visible
  • Saves time with prompt, fast transaction processing
  • Reduces error-prone manual data entry
  • Minimises paper, printing and ink costs
  • App is extremely easy to learn and use

Talon & To-Increase

To-Increase create innovative software to help address the every day challenges businesses face. NAV Anywhere is just one of their solutions for Dynamics NAV.

As of 2015, more than 1,800 customers worldwide were using a To-Increase software solution to run their businesses.

Talon is a To-Increase partner and a reseller of their Dynamics NAV solutions.

To-Increase Dynamic NAV Solutions

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