Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

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Introducing Dynamics NAV 2016

The new features in Dynamics NAV 2016 are focused mainly towards the cloud. Closer integration to Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Azure and Office 365puts it at the forefront of a world that is increasingly cloud and mobile first.

Quick to implement and easy to use, available on-premise and in the cloud, Dynamics NAV 2016 is out now.

Direct Connection to Dynamics CRM

Tighter integration between NAV and CRM, gives you a seamless user experience in the flow from leads to cash. Working in the application you prefer, you get easy access to relevant data within either product. Integration is simple to install, set up and enable.

Host in the Cloud with Azure

Configure NAV 2016 to use Azure SQL, as a relational database in the cloud, and you eliminate maintenance and reduce costs.There's built-in support for high availability, automatic backups, data protection, and fault tolerance.

Universal App For All Your Devices

The Universal App delivers a familiar role-tailored experience on all your devices - from tablets, notebooks, and 2-in-1s, to desktop computers and smartphones. A simple, intuitive and familiar design means you can do more with less.

Web Client Enhancements

With over 60 enhancements to the web client, it now suits the needs of the majority of users. Changes include popular features such as, cross-column search, collapsible Fast Tabs, freeze pane, search-as-you-type, language selection, change company, and much more.

Finance Enhancements

Finance is an important piece of a business solution. In Dynamics NAV 2016, new and improved features save time, improve the ease of data entry, and build new financial functionality into the core product, enhancing the user experience for accountants and bookkeepers.

Document Management

Capture and archive incoming documents, for example PDFs from vendors, or scanned or captured images of paper versions, and use a Lexmark Invoice Capture Service to create purchase invoices or journal lines – save time and facilitate auditing, document storage, and backup.

Power BI

An entirely new integration with Microsoft Power BI lets you connect a correctly configured Microsoft Dynamics NAV instance to and immediately be able to see data in easy-to-use dashboards, that provide a complete overview and business performance insights.


Use over 20 workflow templates to connect business processes according to best practices or industry-standard practices. Anyone can design a workflow by creating or modifying workflow steps and selecting from lists of events and responses.

Upgrading to Dynamics NAV 2016

Having upgraded every version of Dynamics NAV from Navision Financials 2.0 to 2015, our consultants are well placed to offer advice and implement your upgrade.

And with expertise in Dynamics CRM, the Azure platform and Office 365, we can help you get the most from all the new features in Dynamics NAV 2016.

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