Gigabit City

Glasgow is getting a whole lot faster

Work is underway on the construction of a city-wide, super-fast, pure fibre network, making Glasgow Scotland's third Gigabit City.

An ultra-fast internet connection could truly transform your business. To benefit, you need to get in touch with us now. The precise routes are determined by business demand.

Contact us to discuss how Gigabit City can benefit you.

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The Gigabit City network will reach the maximum number of Glasgow businesses as quickly as possible.

To be sure of a connection for your business, you need to tell us where you are and what type of service you need.

Transform your Business with Super-Fast Fibre

Work is going ahead to give up to 7,000 city-centre businesses the benefit of ultra-fast fibre.

Ultimately, up to 15,000 businesses stand to benefit when the full, city-wide roll-out is complete.

Gigabit provider, CityFibre, are teaming up with Highnet, a leading Scottish ISP, to offer these high-speed connections, at a fraction of the cost of traditional leased lines.

And as a HighNet partner, our customers get access to the ultra-fast services too.

So get in touch and register your interest with us now and influence where the fibre is being laid.

What This Means For Your Business

Cloud-Ready Connectivity

With high-speed fibre, you can realise the benefits of cloud computing. No more waiting, get the services you need now.

Ditch Your Landlines

Transform business communications with cheaper VoIP telephony. Go green - hold meetings using HD video conferencing.

Goodbye Megabit

With gigabit speeds, you can upload files as fast as you can download them. Effortlessly transfer even the largest files.

Next Generation Pure Fibre Connectivity

Up to a 100 Times Faster

Newly deployed, pure fibre networks provide you with the most advanced digital connection possible. They are up to 100 times faster than the UK average.

The Best Option

Pure fibre is the best connectivity option available to businesses. However, currently it's almost impossible to order, or indeed, afford such a service. But not for much longer.

Already on a True Fibre Service? 

There are still reasons to switch. We'll compete on cost, uptime and a service that won't be reliant on an infrastructure built up to 20 years ago.

Already Got So-called ‘Fibre’ Broadband?

Copper wire in the last mile of your connection causes a bottle neck and slows it down. Pure fibre is copper-free, so there's nothing to restrict you.

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