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What to expect with SunSystems 6.4

Where are you on your Infor SunSystems journey?

If the answer isn’t 6.4 then the next 3 minutes will be time well spent. I talk with finance department decision makers from both public and private sectors on a daily basis and their challenges are broadly similar when it comes to their finance and ERP applications; they need more reliable information to support their financial modelling, budgeting and forecasting and, typically, their finance system is not fit for purpose to allow them to thrive as a modern digital business.

The biggest barrier my customers often face is understanding what good looks like ie how can my finance systems be better?

Infor SunSystems 6.4 is there to specifically address these pain points and I regularly commission projects to upgrade our existing and new customers. Here’s my top 5 reasons on why you should be taking the next step on your SunSystems journey.

1. Security, security, security
I look at security from two angles – how safely are your storing the financial data that you hold and how easy is it to gain access? 6.4 offers improved single sign-on (SSO) which in simple terms means you can define security settings by users or groups, providing them with automated credential log ins that reduce the human error associated with password input and those frustrating help desk passwords reset calls.

When it comes to storing your financial data we can deploy 6.4 in private, public or hybrid hosting solutions, maximising the security and accessibility of your data.

2. Improved processes with integrations
SunSystems 6.4 is an incredibly integration friendly finance platform, this means you’ll be able to add on products such as Infor d/EPM to boost your financial performance and future forecasting, Q&A 11.3, the next generation reporting tools form Infor, and PA’s Bank Reconciliation, a powerful tool to help you manage your most important asset – cash in the bank. At Kick, we’ve loads of experience delivering these and many more add-ons to boost productivity, processes and profitability.

3. 64-bit support
Granted this might sound like one for the techies out there but in simple terms this means SunSystems 6.4 doesn’t have the current 3GB memory limit and is ready to scale alongside your organisation.

4. Procurement
Many of my clients, especially in the public sector, place great stock in SunSystems procurement capabilities. With 6.4 the biggest procurement improvement is around the PO and invoicing process with a more efficient and streamlined measures in place.

5. It’s simply just… nicer
If you're going to be working with a finance ERP solution day in day out then it may as well be nice to use. Infor have taken their time with 6.4 to make it as user friendly as possible, and to feel like the apps we use in our everyday lives. This makes it easier to navigate your way around the application, to chat with colleagues and to collaborate.


There you have it, five simple but very compelling reasons to consider your 6.4 upgrade journey. I’ve been working with Infor SunSystems and their add on products for almost 30 years, if you want to have a chat about 6.4 and the specific needs of your business then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Paul Sutherland is Head of Infor Sales here at Kick ICT. Follow Paul on LinkedIn for more information on Infor SunSystems and finance and ERP solutions for your private or public sector organisation.