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Virus and Malware protection

In the latest in our cyber security blog series we’re talking all things malicious software, or malware.

Malware is any program or file that is detrimental to a computer user, invading, stealing, encrypting, deleting, or altering core computing functions. And there’s loads of malware variations out there that could affect your devices such as adware, viruses, trojan horses, ransomware, spyware and worms.

What’s more, there are various ways malware can get onto your computer and network, whether this is via browsing a malicious website, opening infected email attachments, or even removing USB memory sticks.

It’s an issue that cost organisation millions of pounds every year, affecting nearly one third of computers across the globe. However, fear not, we are here to help! This article will detail how to defend your business against malware and improve your IT security.


So, how do you defend your business against malware?

We’ve pulled together our five highly recommended steps that will bolster your business from a cyber security perspective and, in turn, protect against malware threats:

1. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, make sure you’re using multiple, complimentary solutions when it comes to antivirus, firewalls and threat prevention and detections solutions
2. Ensure your employees are engaged in your cyber security policy, understand their role within it and can act as a robust line of defence for your business. Email security and malicious software downloads are key areas to focus on
3. Pay attention to passwords, making sure everyone across your business understands how to create a strong password and, where possible, deploy two factor authentication. For all things password security check out our recent blog
4. Make sure you’re running on supported applications and using the latest versions of your operating systems
5. Know the dangers of home PCs, laptops and devices. We’re working at home in greater numbers than ever before and that brigs new challenges when it comes to protecting your IT. Check out our recent blog for more details


For those looking specifically to enhance their virus and malware protection, we recommend the latest addition to our security product range, SentinelOne Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), the next generation when it comes to antivirus protection. This Kick managed security product goes further than traditional antivirus products and will help you prevent, detect, and respond to ever-changing threats – and recover quickly should a security threat strike.


Features of SentinelOne:

Protection – total peace of mind, one click can restore any machines held to ransom back to their original pre ransomware state – without paying any expensive ransoms to cyber attackers.
Productivity – by eliminating time consuming threats missed by traditional antivirus solutions and faster machine performance, you can boost employee productivity through fewer distractions.
Efficient – easily determines how and when an attack started through behavioural AI feature. View summaries or detailed information about threats from a single dashboard and present key risk findings and insights through customised reports.
Managed support – meaning you can leave the installation, testing and ongoing management to us, leaving you to focus on your business.


How can we help?

With almost 40 years’ experience helping customer with IT and cyber security challenges, we offer the consultation and support that’s needed to make your business safe, secure and successful.

For more information on firewalls or any of our managed IT services you can speak directly with your Kick account manager. If you are new to Kick then contact us or call us on 01698 844 600  arrange a no-obligation chat.