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Upgrading to SunSystems 6.4

If you are a Infor SunSystems user and you aren’t yet on 6.4, hopefully this post could change your mind. We’ve delivered a number of customer upgrades this year and in this blog we’ll share some of our highlights to help you decide if it’s time for your own SunSystems 6.4 upgrade.

One of the key pain points we have found when talking to customers, is they need more reliable information to support their financial modelling, budgeting and forecasting and, typically, their finance system is not fit for purpose to allow them to thrive as a modern business.

Fortunately SunSystems 6.4 provides a solution to these challenges, that’s why we have encouraged many of our existing or new customers to upgrade to this latest version.

Our Head of Infor Sales, Paul Sutherland, blogged earlier this year about where organisations will benefit from using SunSystems 6.4,with his top 5 reasons listed as:

Improved processes with integrations
64-bit support
It’s simply just … nicer

Delivering SunSystems 6.4 upgrade projects in 2020

Two of our most recent upgrade projects were delivered for key housing sector customers – Brunelcare and Argyle Housing.

Brunelcare, a Bristol based charity providing housing, care and support for older people, are now able to operate from a finance platform fit for the digital era following their upgrade project, with Argyle Housing’s upgrade ensuring they have a modern finance system with all the improved financial capability, efficiencies and reporting this brings.

Both of these projects were completed in spite of Covid-19 restrictions, proving the impacts of coronavirus needn’t stop the delivery of important digital projects.


Still not convinced?

Argyle and Brunelcare are our two most recent SunSystems upgrades, however, we’ve also worked closely with a number of other customers over the last year to deliver Infor SunSystems upgrade projects, here are some other customer successes:

1. Bernicia Group
2. Borders College
3. Viewpoint Housing Association
4. Inverness and Highland College

With almost 40 years’ of delivering business experience partnering with global software vendor Infor on their SunSystems and Pegasus solutions, we look forward to supporting your organisation through this challenging period and beyond.