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The PSTN Withdrawal

As with each of our clients, we consider a reliable internet connection a necessity to ensure the smooth and efficient running of our operations. Whether your business is run entirely digitally, you host a website to gain customers or simply use digital tools for customer communication, a drop in internet provisions would be detrimental. That is why it is important that businesses are aware of Openreach’s ‘Great Switch Off’.

As a business owner you may not be aware of the phased roll out of fibre broadband services across the UK, ultimately replacing the outdated and unreliable PSTN analogue network. This modernisation of the nation’s phone and broadband infrastructure is led by Openreach, a former division of BT. The plan is that the traditional PSTN network will be switched off by December 2025.


What will change?

This upgrade will allow for faster and more reliable communications, to fully support the digitisation of many businesses.

The PSTN currently supports the underlying broadband network and the Wholesale Line Rental (WLR), including hard-wired devices such as alarm systems, CCTV and card payment facilities. The problem being that upon the network switch off, these devices will cease to function. This includes all devices run on:

  • Single analogue lines
  • Multi-lines
  • ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)


Although such equipment will no longer be sold in the run up to December 2025, existing devices will need to be upgraded to ensure compatibility with the new fibre network. These changes should be made as far as possible in advance, so that the disruption to the running of your business is kept to a minimum.


Short-term upheaval

62% of businesses in the UK are still using traditional telephony systems for their main customer communications. The PSTN switch off will undoubtedly require short-term investment but it will provide the long-term functionality and speeds that an increasingly digital world requires.


Preparing for the change

Larger companies are leading the way by making the upgrades required to integrate their systems with the new network. Smaller enterprises are lagging, primarily due to a lack of clear understanding about the change and what is required of them. That is why we have organised a free webinar for all businesses, to share our expertise on the impacts the PSTN switch off will have. Our webinar is co-hosted with Gamma, combining a group of experts in one place to make sure that the Great Switch Off doesn’t harm your business.


We’re here to help. We will be delivering a free webinar for businesses to share our expertise on the impacts of the PSTN switch and provide solutions for your business.


Free webinar

Our webinar on 3 August was co-hosted with Gamma, combining a group of experts in one place to make sure that the Great Switch Off doesn’t impact your business. Be at the forefront of these changes - contact for a copy of the slides.