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Line 100 - End of Mainstream Support

Monday, January 03, 2011

Sage have announced that they will be ending mainstream support for Line 100 on 30 September 2012. You will still be able to use your software beyond that date however software updates related to Line 100 will be stopped, Sage will no longer guarantee that Line 100 will be legislatively compliant and they will cease to offer support for Line 100.


This news gives current users time to look at their options and consider what migration route is most suitable for them. We will be contacting our L100 users shortly to discuss how this affects them directly and what there options are. If you have any immediate questions please give us a call.


Click here to for a Sage Line 100 to Sage 200 upgrade sheet


Why are Sage making these changes?

Sage are making these changes to allow them to concentrate their resources on the Sage 200 suite, which with its more advanced software features and customisation tools, is their primary solution for mid-sized businesses.


Line 100 started life at Sage in 1992 as their product of choice for mid-sized businesses that required a sophisticated accounting business suite with highly customisable features, for example multi-currency, multi-company, multiple stock locations and budgeting by cost centre and department, which could be tailored to meet customers' needs.


The product evolved into MMS in 2003 and Sage 200 in 2007 and many customers have migrated to these newer solutions, but there are still around 2,500 businesses using Line 100 today.


The technology platform upon which Line 100 was built is becoming more costly and difficult to support, and the operating systems which work with Line 100 are reaching the end of their respective life cycles. By introducing these changes Sage will enable their R&D and support teams to focus on current and future technologies, and pave the way for the next generation of Sage 200.


Sage are committed to ensuring that customers get the most benefit from Sage systems. By working with customers to prepare for changes in supported software platforms, or forthcoming changes in Government legislation, they can help you to plan for the future.